Chalo Ladakh Chale!

Chalo Ladakh Chale!


Chalo Ladakh Chale!: Let's go to Ladakh!

There is nothing more fascinating to us than antique, handmade fabrics and that is one of the reasons we are mad about our embroidered bags.

They are not simply accessories to put things into, they hold history and traditions. These beautiful fabrics were parts of dresses and beautiful garments that belonged to women in northwest India. The handwork was so intricate and valuable that those dresses were passed along from generation to generation. 

The serene faded turquoise reminds us of the salt deserts and horizons in Ladakh, and the orange and red details make us think of the beautiful monasteries of the area!



  • Handwoven, antique fabrics 
  • Steel snap button 
  • Epoxy beads 


  • Traditional bead pattern
  • Handmade, cotton strap
  • Length: 10" | Width: 2-3" | Height: 7"
  • Made in India